What's New

UX polishing Improvement
- Session completion notifier now triggers every minute instead of every 10 seconds
- Easier access to “my hero” page
- More prominent “take a break” button

- Moved “my items” page to the top bar items

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that prevents hero profiles from loading

Break Timer & Notifications are here! Update
New Features
- You can now take a break during sessions!
- At the end of a session or break, a browser notification will be sent to you.
- Browser tab now dynamically displays remaining times of the current session

- Remaining time on top of the session view is now easier to read

- Flipped the direction that Focúmon faces toward when idle

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a few typos

One-click Goal Creation! Update
New Features
- You can now quickly create a daily goal from a previous daily goal!
- You can now quickly create a session goal from a previous session goal!

We made a new landing page!
- Changed tooltip color from gray to blue for readability
- Added blog posts to make the site more search-able

- From now on, the time window to join a session is always 60 minutes, regardless of the host’s personal duration
- Renamed “Daily Goal” to “Daily Priority"

Bug Fixes
- The host should not be able to leave sessions they created
- Fixed a bug where duplicated daily goals are displayed
- Fixed some UX element that blocked other elements incorrectly

We got better servers : ) Improvement
- Improved overall server stability

- Updated names of a few Focúmon

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some double shard drop rewards cannot be claimed
- Fixed incorrect display of the number of summoned Focúmon
- Fixed incorrect display of Focúmon count in achievements

*Energy is now Stamina* Improvement
- Moved the session progress bar to top of the screen.
- Updated home page color scheme.
- Renamed ‘Energy’ to ‘Stamina’.

- Improved the design of the focus history UI.
- Improved the design of the weapon upgrade UI.
- Removed distracting periodic random Focúmon animations during a session.
- Better underpowered warnings when joining a session.
- Better tutorial copywriting.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where some expired session can still be found in the session list.
- Focúmon status is now correctly reflected in the list after summoning / upgrading.

Focúmon appeared! Update
New Features
- Focúmon have made their way onto the home page!

- Added tutorial steps for both summoning and session joining
- You can now see how many heroes are in a session before joining
- You can check monster collection status directly in the session list view

Bug Fixes
- Some sessions can go missing if the host exits too early

Session Timer! Update
New Features
- You can now specify a custom focus duration when joining a session!

- Sessions have a small chance to drop shards even if your hero is underpowered.
- Simplified user interface.
- Session host is displayed on top of each session view.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where users can join multiple sessions.

White Noise & Binaural beats! Update
New Features
- You can now play binaural beats during a focus session
- You can now play white noises during a focus session
- You can now add a 1-5 star rating for session reviews

- Added a tutorial page for focus sessions
- Optimized session matching logic

Bug Fixes
- Battle completion notification only plays once

Random Focúmon! Update
New Features
- Focúmon encounters are now random!
- You can now create 85-minute sessions

- Lowered shards required to upgrade rare Focúmon
- Focúmon shard drop doubled for starting new focus sessions!
- Added an announcement button in My Items
- A few more user interface polish

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where user cannot join other heroes’ battles when energy is low
- Fixed a bug where battle reward gives out 0 shards for some Focúmon
You can now leave a session! Update
New Features
- You can now leave a focus session

- Tutorial is now skipped by default. You can find it by tapping your hero avatar
- Optimized the site for desktop experience
Focusverse's public beta! New
Focusverse has entered public beta just now!

Focusverse is a little indie game project I developed for the past few months. It is a gamified MULTI-PLAYER POMODORO TIMER for everyone on the internet to study, work and achieve goals together!

What Focusverse is about:

Focus with Friends: No more doing it alone! Enter a focus session by sharing a specific, measurable, and achievable goal with everyone else in the session so we can keep each other accountable and motivated!

🏆 Get Things Done: Designed to help you bootstrap & be mentally ready for your focus session in under 10 seconds! Participating in focus sessions to unlock achievements and celebrate with others!

👾 Collect 100+ Focúmon: As a little tribute to Pokémon, designed to make your productivity journey more rewarding! Stay tuned for future additions to the Focúmon collection!

For questions & feedback please reach us at hello@focusverse.app
Happy focusing!