Focusverse's public beta!

Focusverse's public beta! New
Focusverse has entered public beta just now!

Focusverse is a little indie game project I developed for the past few months. It is a gamified MULTI-PLAYER POMODORO TIMER for everyone on the internet to study, work and achieve goals together!

What Focusverse is about:

Focus with Friends: No more doing it alone! Enter a focus session by sharing a specific, measurable, and achievable goal with everyone else in the session so we can keep each other accountable and motivated!

🏆 Get Things Done: Designed to help you bootstrap & be mentally ready for your focus session in under 10 seconds! Participating in focus sessions to unlock achievements and celebrate with others!

👾 Collect 100+ Focúmon: As a little tribute to Pokémon, designed to make your productivity journey more rewarding! Stay tuned for future additions to the Focúmon collection!

For questions & feedback please reach us at
Happy focusing!