Gamify Your Pomodoro Timer

Introducing Focumon! A 10x better gamified co-working/co-studying/focus timer experience!

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Focusverse - Gamified multiplayer pomodoro timer | Product Hunt

Start a timer to earn rewards

Set a timer, pledge to a goal, and stay committed until completion to loot bountiful rewards. Your focus journey is not just about productivity, but also the thrill of the hunt!

Battle Focúmon with your friends

Each focus session is a battlefield where you and your fellow heroes combat 100+ unique Focúmon to loot for shards, which can be accumulated to summon your own Focúmon!

Curate your ultimate focus squad

As your hero's arsenal expands, you'll unlock more potent Focúmon types. Handpick your favorite Focúmon and assemble your ultimate squad that will cheer you on towards your goals.

Join a Global Community of heroes

In the Focusverse, you're never alone in your quest for productivity. Connect with heroes across the globe and accompany each other in this shared adventure. Together, we can make every day a victory!

Begin your hero's journey now!